Carrot Cake Cheesecake with Vanilla Frosting

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Let the yumm begin. One of my favorite doings is to turn already existing and proven recipes into something new. Well, sometimes it works and turns out to be great, but sometimes you just have to forget that you had the idea in the first place. But this time the result was brilliant, exciting, good looking and yummie! What was I up to ? I wondered if a combination from two of my favorite cake recipes would be working out? So I took half of the carrot cake recipe and half of the NY cheesecake recipe from my book and layered both into one baking tin. Well, glad I did. Both batters are a combination created in heaven, they taste wonderful together, and no piece of the cake was left over! Everything is gone up to the last crumb! There is no better result than this, right?

Carrot Chesecake

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