My first book „Backen mit Love“

For 9 Months my hubby and I were working on this book project (we started Jan 1st 2013, no it was not a new year´s resolution). It has always been sort of something, where we did not know if it was really real. Since yesterday, the book appears on German Amazon for pre-order (release date Nov 18th in time for XMas). I guess, in today´s world if something is on Amazon it must be real. Doesn´t it. So I am proud, overexcited and hope that people will like it. „Sorry“ to all of you outside Germany, it´s in German but maybe some day we will translate it. At least you can see the pictures. My hubby set up a new website around the book. Once we get closer to the release date we´ll post more stuff incl. some videos. The website is called like the book:


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