Valentine`s Day Card

A classical Valentine`s Day dilemma. Should the kitten get nothing ? (Un)fortunately a our house there are no kittens yet, so we can have it all. The card, the mini cakes and the Valentine.

Valentine's Day Card Dilemma

Hot drink on the cold porch

It is freezing cold. But with the right equipment and a little bit of sun you can even enjoy a hot drink on the porch.

Hot drink on the cold porch

Hello Kitty meets range cooker in the kitchen

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Just in time for the Christmas baking season our kitchen is ready. We think the style can be best described as a combination of cute Hello Kitty and traditional British range cooking.

Hello Kitty Kitchen

Cute Cottage Overload has moved !

After our move, and the production of our Moving Card (below) the main mission starts. Will we manage to attract ‚homeless‘ or ‚undecided‘ cats and convince them that this is the new place to be for them.

New House Moving Card

So far success was limited as only the daily served cat buffet is cleared without further contact. But we will not give up. Nothing beats the overview from the porch, we know cats. Sooner or later, they won´t be able to resist.

New House

The new home for Cute Cottage Overload is a wood house which came all the way from Sweden. It’s main structure is manufactured by a company called Karlson Hus and it was planned and build together with our local architects from Böhm Architektur.

New House

New House