Vintage Bunting forever?!

Yes, I know what you are thinking: How many buntings does this girl need ?? This is not only my third bunting, I have the feeling that there are still even more to come…

Vintage Bunting

The idea was the following: I wanted to start some knitting again, and no, socks would have been too difficult for me, because I am a real beginner here…I needed something really easy, but still something I would deeply enjoy when it is finished.

Vintage Bunting

So, the bunting idea it was! of course I couldn’t tell the friendly granny in the wool store what I was planning to do, for her, it would have sound like wasted time and money at all. But I am quite satisfied with my knitting skills. Let’s see, how I can improve and taking the next step on it.

Vintage Bunting

Embroidery Hoops

Ohhh…I can do that! Thanks to the MOLLIE MAKES magazine, I am totally excited lately about the idea of knitting something, make embroideries, doing crochet, all kinds of this stuff…There are always so many ideas what you can do, and to start something I bought some embroidery hoops.

Embroidery Hoop

The last days you could have seen me sitting on the porch always with a needle, thread and the hoop in my hands. The result does satisfy me very very much, and more hoops are to come…have a nice weekend!

Embroidery Hoop

Handmade Vintage Journal

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When my collegue and close friend Julia told me, that she quit her job and leaving the office soon, I was so horrified at first, after a few days it was clear, that I would need an appropriate goodbye gift for her. In other words: something handmade with a vintage look.

Vintage Journal

As we have worked together for quite some years and had visited several places together allover that period, I knew that I had to prepare a nice photo album. I chose old pictures and got them developed with an off-white little color damaged frame around. The idea was to shape them with a special „Buettenpapier“ cutter, that they would look like really old pictures. Thanks to Amazon, the cutter was delivered 2 days later already and I could start cutting the frames of the pictures.

Vintage Journal

The next step was to find a nice, old book that already had yellowed pages. It was much fun to glue in the pictures with japanese masking tape and other items, like used underground tickets, old receipts, business cards etc…

Vintage Journal

It took some time to create the cover. At the end I found nice check fabric and fixed some small buttons on top. I punched out a label tag and stamped the title on top: Journal and Memory.

The journal turned out so nice, that I was really sad to have to give it away! but I promised myself, that I wanna do that again soon. It was so much fun, to put all this items together. I hope, that you can see the outcome of the journal on the pictures as nice, as it really turned out?!

Vintage Journal

Vintage Journal

Porch in the evening Sun

Animal friends gather around the porch to get final rays of the evening sun. Unfortunately the real animals we want to attract (red cat, you know we are talking about you) is not showing.

Porch in the evening sun

Greetings from London!

Vintage Heaven

Staying there for one night, means in my calculation: Two times breakfast is possible! Well, that’s what we did. The always friendly hubby was kind enough, not to ask questions, why we have to go especially to this place, etc etc and were just helpful to find it! The first morning we went by bus to the „Tina we salute you“ cafe in Dalston. The food was great, (nice idea to poach the eggs with a plastic bag), nice staff, we left quite satisfied. However, I am not sure if I really need to go back there again next time?! It is not that special to me.

Poached Eggs

Our highlight on the next breakfast was „Lantana“. Underground station is Goodge Street. and this is like heaven there, well, for me! mixed guests, all ages and kinds, great food, great staff, great athmosphere, so relaxed…,fantastic place! if you go to London. go there, it will make you happy! I can recommend the banana bread, or, no, maybe more the french toast, or the scrambled eggs, or….?! I like everything!!

Banana Bread

Afterwards I wanted to check out the Columbia Road, not for the flower market, bec it was saturday, no just for the shops there. I love it! I want to life there. It was great. All those tiny, colourful shops! with handmade things (j&b the shop), the best shop with fabrics i have ever seen (beyond fabrics), vintage heaven with cakehole cafe, just to mention a few of them!, every shop has their own bench standing on the street, so the hubby was very pleased to get a break every 20 minutes when I changed shops. columbia street, we will be coming back soon! promised!