This Week’s Animal Report

You must know, we love cats! But: we don’t have our own. We say, they have to choose you. But it is allowed to ‚help along‘ a little so we try to attract the neighbourhood cats with some goodies. This does work with the one we call the „Red Cat“, but only up to a certain point. We are not allowed to pet her and she never comes into our home to sit down. This week we had a striking success. She came in and joined a couple of animal friends. Here’s the proof:

Nameless Red Cat with other Animal Friends

The next day around 8.00am in the morning, I was looking sleepy out of the kitchen door. expecting to see, maybe, the „Red Cat“ …but there it was: the friendly Bambi from the forest! Our garden plants seem to be tasty. I was standing there quite long, expecting it to move quick and leave. But no, it took it´s time and finished eating slowly.

Bambi in the Garden

And we wanna attract the birds as well. I found this cute feeding ground in a garden centre in the Netherlands …well, the sign is definetely wrong. We have open for birds 24/7 of course….

Cute Bird Feeding "Station"

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