Hier habe ich alle kleinen Geschichten rund um mich, meine Aktivitäten und unser rosa Haus zusammengefasst

Weekend coffee, friends and the beach

My hubby and I headed to Holland last weekend, mainly for relaxing and because of the ooohhh so fantastic weather forecast! And it turned out exactly as planned. We even met Julia and her sister in Egmond, I guess that I have last seen her in March on my birthday.

Enjoying Summer in the Netherlands

We had too many „koffie verkeerd“ (but who is counting?), we were laying at the beach for hours and I finished 3 books in a row – the perfect weekend just ended. When will we doing that again, please, dearest husband??? A ready packed beach bag and me are waiting already now.

Dutch Coffee Latte called Koffie Verkeerd

My desk this Morning

Yes, I know, I haven´t posted anything in a week or so. Reason for that is: I am working on various ’soon need to be finished‘ ideas that are circling around my mind: I need to get them done and off my table. Speaking of my table, here’s what it looks like today. Maybe with that you can a little relate to, what´s going on in my head.

My Desk This Morning

Christmas Sweater Counting Challenge

While you wait for santa to bring you gifts make sure to take part in our christmas sweater counting challenge. Animals are counted double and if a sweater is owned since the 80ies you can even do triple counting.

Snow in our garden

Last weekend the winter was just perfect, with sun and snow. We are very happy with the fragment of the wall, gate and fence that our gardener put there just a couple of weeks ago. It looks like it has been there forever. Although the path is really leading nowhere, and the gate is only decoration, we keep telling ourselves that Santa will use it in two weeks time to bring our gifts.

Snow in the Garden