Setting up the Christmas Decoration

This weekend, my hubby is in trouble as I told him that we`ll be setting up the Christmas decoration. Since he is responsible for outside lighting, this means serious work. Only 4 weeks to go, so stay tuned, there’ll be lot’s of pics coming up. Since the hubby was not willing to get photographed standing on the ladder grumpy as nothing seemed to work, here´s me adjusting the front porch.

Setting Up Christmas Decoration

Front Porch Fall Decorations starts Today

Yes, I know, It´s still kind of warm, but we have to face the fact that it be colder soon. So I removed the summer decoration (bye bye) from our front porch and started to put up things that welcome a long and golden fall. However, one thing is already settled for later. Santa did make a reservation for the armed chair.

Front Porch Fall Decoration Starts

The Porch is the Living Room

Finally it`s summer. No complaining, just countless days of sunshine. These days, our porch literally becomes the living room. So it needs a proper ‚lighting‘. I came up with this ‚chandelier installation‘ from a piece of a tree and a vintage bunting. The only thing missing is the cake. But let´s eat healthy for just one day. Enjoy the sun.

Summer Outside Decoration

Summer Outside Decoration

Cheesecake on a Porch Swing

Finally I got a porch swing, well, a small one, and you can´t even sit on it but it´s cute and that´s what counts. I ordered a kids swing from the internet, painted the seat turquoise and replaced the plastic cord with a beautiful (but not so safe) hemp rope. Since I can not swing with it anyway, I added some roses and a cheesecake. But the cheesecake won´t last long on it, I promise.

Cheesecake on a Porch Swing

Porch in the evening Sun

Animal friends gather around the porch to get final rays of the evening sun. Unfortunately the real animals we want to attract (red cat, you know we are talking about you) is not showing.

Porch in the evening sun