Broomstick Friday – „Sprechen Sie Deutsch ?“

While the cat is waiting on the broomstick for an unknown witch to return I have some news. After 4 years of doing Cute Cottage Overload in English my hubby said it would be time to move to another platform and also switch to my mother tongue. My bigger projects simply tend to have a more German focus recently. It started with the PopUp Tearoom events, followed by my “Backen mit Love” book. Changes will be happening with the next post. Well, in any way, it won´t be 100% proper German, it will more likely be “Denglish” as “cute” will always sound better than “süß”. Nevertheless, it is very important to me that all you lovely people from all over the globe are still able to check on me and contact me even if you do not speak German. So, to make this easy…

a.) I will continue to tag articles on my blog with english keywords as well so that you can find stuff
b.) I have integrated a Google translator function that you can switch to your language. It´s not perfect, but enough that you´ll get the idea
c.) My Instagram feed @cutecottageoverload will stay in English. All hashtags and texts. Same for Flickr, Tumblr and Pinterest.

And last, if you want to contact me, please do, don´t hesitate to write me in English on

Cat on Broomstick Friday

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