More Vintage Lace Curtain

A couple if weeks back, I have worked on a vintage lace curtain for the porch door. I liked it so much that, with a little bit of free time during rainy German pre-summer weekends, I made some more for the kitchen windows. In the back you can spot the vintage bunting from the porch as well.

Vintage Lace Curtain

Planning a Yarn Party

I am always impressed with all the crochet things seeing on Pinterest. I need to work on my crochet skills and was looking for something really easy to start with.

Let´s Crochet

First thing were the granny square coasters with 2 colours. Couldn’t be too difficult, can they? As they turned out so nice, I was highly motivated and added some pompoms, during watching TV (you can always use pompoms for everything, right?).

Let´s Crochet

For the Apple potholder, I started as I would do a regular flower…with the magic loop and double crochets. Just added round after round until had appr. 18 cm. The green leaf, the apple core and the stem I added at the end. I think the last time I did some potholders, must have been 30 years ago. I am so proud about my work!

Let´s Crochet
The crochet edge for the postcards given me some headache, but after watching a tutorial, it turned out not too complicated for me after all. And now I can hang them on a wall, if i like!

Let´s Crochet

So I decorated the table for some nice pictures, showing you the results of my crochet weekend. I also added some things that my hubby’s sister gave me. She’s a pro. Maybe these pictures will inspire you to start crafting a little bit as well. Let’s crochet!

Let´s Crochet

Cheesecake on a Porch Swing

Finally I got a porch swing, well, a small one, and you can´t even sit on it but it´s cute and that´s what counts. I ordered a kids swing from the internet, painted the seat turquoise and replaced the plastic cord with a beautiful (but not so safe) hemp rope. Since I can not swing with it anyway, I added some roses and a cheesecake. But the cheesecake won´t last long on it, I promise.

Cheesecake on a Porch Swing

Vintage Tassles and Doily Bunting on our Porch

Finally, the weather is like spring, so the front porch can also be decorated ‚accordingly‘. For the next couple of months I decided to use a curtain of tassles on our front porch that I have torn from all sorts of fabric. Took quiet some time but it was worth it. For the vintage look, I dyed them in black tea. I did the same with the doily bunting.

Vintage Tassle on the Porch

Vintage Doily Bunting on Porch

Vintage Tassle and Doily Bunting Porch

My desk this Morning

Yes, I know, I haven´t posted anything in a week or so. Reason for that is: I am working on various ’soon need to be finished‘ ideas that are circling around my mind: I need to get them done and off my table. Speaking of my table, here’s what it looks like today. Maybe with that you can a little relate to, what´s going on in my head.

My Desk This Morning