Upgrade the traditional apple!

With a caramel-cover and some almonds around, this sunday is going to be great!
Even if the temperature is now really getting cold in Germany (we had -3C degrees in the morning), the sun is shining, the leafs are falling down, it is pretty nice outside.

Caramel Apple

For the first time this fall, I wore a wollen hat and my winterjacket when we went out for a walk this morning.

Caramel Apple

If you want to make the apples yourself, just heat up some caramels (like f.e. Werther’s Echte) in the microwave. Dip the apple in and immediately after coating each apple, dip them into the nuts of your choice. For a prettier presentation I used tree cuttings as sticks, they are even too nice to eat…(well, don’t believe that, haha…)

Fall in Our Garden

You just need a Mug Cozy

I have to say, knitted mug cozies seem to be everywhere and you just gotta love them. I even do not care if they are spelled mug cozy or mug cosy. This fall and winter I don`t drink coffee from a ’naked‘ cup. Well, making them is another story. You need to know some serious knitting in order for them to look nice.

Mug Cosy

Luckily I have friends, and Marius was able to do those beautiful crochet roses that I simple had to attach to my basic cozies. Thank You Marius, these are my favorites.

Mug Cosy

Press feature in German Laviva Magazine

In it´s November issue Laviva Magazine from Germany features our house as part of their ‚My Home‘ section. Whilst my name, Andrea Stolzenberger, is spelled correctly in the article, they got the name of my husband pretty wrong. He is a little bit grumpy about it, but still loves the photos. Laviva magazine is available in Germany at REWE, Penny, Pro Markt, Toom and larger kiosks. Here´s a sneak peek.

German Laviva Magazine Article

German Laviva Magazine Article

German Laviva Magazine Article

Christmas Shoot for Dani’s Shop

Today we were shooting the invitation cards for my friend Dani´s Christmas event at her store. I really prayed to the weather-god, that it will not going to rain. I checked the weather forecast every hour yesterday. At the end, everything turned out fine, but in the morning it didn’t look too good for us. Michael our lovely neighbor lent us his old Ford pick-up for today and after heavy rain at 10 a.m. we had to dry the complete car with our towels from the bathroom. puh!! But after that, everything was going smooth. During our short break with some banana bread and latte, we even took a picture from both of us, just for fun. and it turned out so nice!

Danroeschen XMas Shoot

Thank you Dani, for another round of christmas photoshooting for your shop! We counted how many Christmas cards photoshootings we did together: this is our fourth! and hopefully not the last! For those who are around in Germany NRW: Dani’s Christmas Event at her Danroeschen store will be Saturday November 10th !

Danroeschen XMas Shoot

Pumpkin Carving

Normally I am really not into traditions, but every year when it comes to autumn season, and I see all the pumkins on the fields, I need to do three things:
The pumpkin pie, of course! it is already eaten, slurp!
The pumpkin soup, I like it with some cranberries on the side, yummy!
and: carving the pumpkin!

Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

This year’s idea was to create a scenery in the woods with some squirrels and a bambi. Some moss, mushrooms and rosehip. In the end, I was impressed how nice it turned out! too bad, that it is not gonna last for weeks until Halloween.

This Week’s Animal Report

You must know, we love cats! But: we don’t have our own. We say, they have to choose you. But it is allowed to ‚help along‘ a little so we try to attract the neighbourhood cats with some goodies. This does work with the one we call the „Red Cat“, but only up to a certain point. We are not allowed to pet her and she never comes into our home to sit down. This week we had a striking success. She came in and joined a couple of animal friends. Here’s the proof:

Nameless Red Cat with other Animal Friends

The next day around 8.00am in the morning, I was looking sleepy out of the kitchen door. expecting to see, maybe, the „Red Cat“ …but there it was: the friendly Bambi from the forest! Our garden plants seem to be tasty. I was standing there quite long, expecting it to move quick and leave. But no, it took it´s time and finished eating slowly.

Bambi in the Garden

And we wanna attract the birds as well. I found this cute feeding ground in a garden centre in the Netherlands …well, the sign is definetely wrong. We have open for birds 24/7 of course….

Cute Bird Feeding "Station"