Afternoon Tea at my House

Next sunday we are hosting an Afternoon Tea at our house. I managed to create the menu, which will be placed under each plate. The challenge was, that the colours of the printed menu needed to match with napkins, mugs, plates, etc. If you love sweet treats and are wondering about the so-called „Vintage Summer Cake“ I am thinking about a triple-decker sponge cake with berries, fruit syrup and cream – something you can enjoy all summer.

We are still struggling what types of sandwiches will be served. I don’t want to offer just the very classic selection, something special with a trendy twist is a must. I also need to think about a vegetarian sandwich, is vegan also needed? puh, I have to sort all this things out until next weekend….but I will let you know!

How I got my new Garden Chair

May I introduce you to: the sweetest, prettyiest, wonderfullyiest and nicest garden chair, you have ever seen?

Since my friend anna told me about this chair, which she has seen in May in the Flamant store in Knokke/ Belgium, I was sneaking around it week after week. Luckily for me: the weather in Germany was so unpleasent and bad, that I never really needed to buy it. The woman can wait, yes! and last thursday the day finally came: sale signs in the window of the local Flamant store! and very quick, you could see the woman with the pink hair carrying something heavy and huge and big to her VW Beetle….now waiting, for the sun to arrive in Germany…have a nice weekend!

Garden Chair