Greetings from London!

Vintage Heaven

Staying there for one night, means in my calculation: Two times breakfast is possible! Well, that’s what we did. The always friendly hubby was kind enough, not to ask questions, why we have to go especially to this place, etc etc and were just helpful to find it! The first morning we went by bus to the „Tina we salute you“ cafe in Dalston. The food was great, (nice idea to poach the eggs with a plastic bag), nice staff, we left quite satisfied. However, I am not sure if I really need to go back there again next time?! It is not that special to me.

Poached Eggs

Our highlight on the next breakfast was „Lantana“. Underground station is Goodge Street. and this is like heaven there, well, for me! mixed guests, all ages and kinds, great food, great staff, great athmosphere, so relaxed…,fantastic place! if you go to London. go there, it will make you happy! I can recommend the banana bread, or, no, maybe more the french toast, or the scrambled eggs, or….?! I like everything!!

Banana Bread

Afterwards I wanted to check out the Columbia Road, not for the flower market, bec it was saturday, no just for the shops there. I love it! I want to life there. It was great. All those tiny, colourful shops! with handmade things (j&b the shop), the best shop with fabrics i have ever seen (beyond fabrics), vintage heaven with cakehole cafe, just to mention a few of them!, every shop has their own bench standing on the street, so the hubby was very pleased to get a break every 20 minutes when I changed shops. columbia street, we will be coming back soon! promised!


Going to Anthropology

Going to london, meant in former times „going to topshop“. Since 2 years or so, it got a new meaning: „Going to Anthropology“. And that’s what I did yesterday.
why is it, that you always want to move in their store?!? how do they do this??? and why are they constantly so good with all that stuff for the kitchen, bathroom, etc.? I wanna buy everything and put it in the luggage to bring it home… it is just too expensive and you have to decide, for only a few small items, which you can bring home easily by plane….see what I got this time….

Butter Dish

Strawberry Tea Towel

Vintage Chandelier

Last time we went to our hometown Stuttgart, I visited the flea market with my friend. Well, the expectations were not so high, just a little look around here and there….I saw some old carpets and windows, hmm, they are too big for the car….the plates were not so nice and also the teapots were just old, nothing else. Many,many coffee machines and an old dirty waffle maker,….but finally my eye spotted this wonderful chandelier!

Vintage Chandelier
Could this be the perfect one for our living room ??? I was wandering around, still thinking of the lamp, hoping that nobody else will gonna buy it. At the end – it was bought and packed into the back of my car. My husband connected it the same evening we went back to our house. Isn’t this the perfect lamp for a living room?