Hello sunshine, this was the greatest, lazy sunday afternoon birthday party ever….so relaxed, easy going, enjoyable time with some friends and great cake buffet. When I searched for a nice idea for my birthday party, there were always blogs with this vintage fair birthday party theme and I loved it! In Germany we don’t have these kind of country fairs, so I tried to adopt the theme and built some other stuff around it. Most important thing for me is always the sweets & treats table (the empty spot on the upper right from the cake buffet is reserved for the cinnamon rolls – they were still in the oven). To get the country feeling I added some ponies and also ribbons patched on linen fabric to the table. Not to forget the homemade cherry lemonade in some vintage bottles with doily labeling. The surprisingly fantastic weather was enough reason to put everything out on the porch: cushions, blankets, even the decorated floor-lamp, ballons, the paper baubles, a Hello Kitty pinata, everything was set up outside… We did some crafty thing as well: I provided embroidery hoops, fabrics, lace and stuff and all ladies were sitting in the sun doing some needlework.

Vintage Birthday Party

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